Some Tips To Help You Choose the Best Radar Detector For Your Car

We've all had the experience of cruising along a long stretch of straight hiway, tapping the wheel of the car with out thumb to the beat of our favorite song, only to be pulled back to reality by the flashing lights and siren coming from behind our car. Another speeding ticket! Well, there are ways to avoid this problem. You could drive slower, or you could get a radar detector. Most likely, the second option will be more appealing. But when choosing a radar detector, there are some things to keep in mind, as not all detectors are equal.

Some things to consider when looking at detector reviews are how the range was calibrated. While many detectors can, in theory, detect a radar signal up to five miles away, in the real world those conditions are rarely ever met. So, when you are considering a detector, look to how the detector was tested.

Also consider the K Band weight in the overall score of the radar detector. There are two types of radar, K Band and Ka Band. Most sources cite Ka Band as the bigger threat of the two, so when you are checking out how a detector scored, keep this in mind. A high K Band performance and a low Ka Band performance will have to be treated accordingly.

Also make sure to take note of how many false alarms a detector raises. If two detectors are rated equally and one produces far more false signals, then obviously one will be better than the other for your needs.

How clunky a detector's shape and weight should also be taken into consideration as you are selecting the one for your car. The difference between different models should not be underestimated. Also to be taken under thought in this same area is how long a power cord is. Given that some states frown rather seriously upon the use of radar detectors, having a slight, easily stowable detector might be a good thing for you.

Features that come standard on detectors also should be taken into consideration. One detector, for instance, the Passport 8500 has a high number of standard features, including a textual display and separate 7 LED display for the conveying of different information. The Passport comes with a variety of other features, such as Dark Mode, a stealth mode of operation, Expertmeter, which allows for the display of several different signals at once, and the text display for easy and rapid conveyance of this information. When you select a radar detector, be sure to select one that is appropriate to your needs.

A final note of consideration would be a word of caution on dealing with eBay. While many of the sellers on eBay promise to provide a brand new factory sealed item, you will be hard pressed to know for certain that this is what you will get. If you want to know for sure that the product you are getting is new, buy from a licensed provider.


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