Texting While Driving and Vehicle Accidents

Most of us are guilty of doing other activities while we drive. Checking out your hair or makeup in a mirror or sending and receiving texts can distract you enough that you take your attention off the roadway and wind up in an auto accident. If you're in an auto accident, then it is crucial that you get in touch with your vehicle accident attorney right away in order to be in a position to preserve your rights and receive compensation that is due for the injuries and damages.

Texting: Bringing Brand New Risks

Texting while driving is really a relatively new occurrence and it also appears as if communicating by text is merely getting "bigger". There isn't yet much data gathered concerning the relationship between texting while driving, however the available data does suggest that if a person texts while driving there may be deadly results. No person thinks that it will happen to them, but that particular split second that you look down at your cell phone can be the moment an animal (or even worse, a little child) runs out into the roadway and is fatally injured. The National Mutual Insurance Survey explains that up to two of ten individuals who are aged 45 to 63 and four of ten people ages 19 to 33 are guilty of texting while driving. Texting results in a huge distraction, which in turn leads to accidents. The National Traffic Safety Administration lets us know that for every five crashes, four were caused by someone that is distracted.

Texting and Teen Drivers

As dangerous as texting is for all drivers, teen drivers are particularly prone to becoming involved in motor vehicle collisions which are caused by texting. A Nielsen study on the average teen unearthed the mind-boggling statistic that teens send around eight text messages every day. That doesn't include received messages. The amount of received messages would also factor in the amount of texting and reading texts that a teen participates in, hopefully not while driving.

To sum it up, it is not a secret that texting is a distraction while driving. Many states, like Kentucky, are making texting while driving illegal. If you've got the practice of texting while driving, you'll need to quit. In case your children text while driving, get them to stop! While you can't be there with them at all times, you can certainly make sure that they realize just how dangerous texting while driving may be, and inform them that texting while driving won't be tolerated. If you catch them texting while driving, take their phone away for a long period of time or think of a punishment that is proper for your family. Regardless of how you press the point, let them know that texting while driving isn't acceptable.

If you've been in a vehicle accident brought on by texting, contact your auto accident attorney immediately.


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